Teachers and parents need support too. The importance of teachers and students is immeasurable, but who is there for them? If either of the two is out of focus...so is the focus of our youth.

Athletics Support
To empower the lives of our youth, from the most hurt to the most hopeful, by focusing on self-worth; the pieces of our everyday journey that bring peace to the pitfalls of our quest to love self, build healthy relationships and breed genuine smiles
Our Beginning.

See how choosing to be W.I.S.E can bring lasting smiles!

Students enjoy the fun of sports, and along with staying healthy, sports and exercise is used for stress relief and an outlet for negative tension. It means the world to an athlete to have ongoing support.

Why I Smile Empowerment began with HOPE in mind...Hope for the youth of tomorrow. After the death of a former student, athlete and mother, two educators came together as volunteers and began providing hopeful messages and activities for any that were willing to listen and join in. Their only goal was to make others aware of the realness of unhealthy relationships and domestic violence. As their passion grew, so did their research and knowledge. Their eyes began open as reality set in on the hurt in their own lives and backgrounds. Not only did this strike up a movement for healing but for self-awareness and self-worth as well. Like a Miracle...Empowerment was born...and so was an official Why I Smile Empowerment Nonprofit Organization. Here for you...creating ONE-SMILE-AT-A-TIME!!! You are #WhyISmile

"​Bridging the Gap of Self Worth and Healthy Relationships...

One Smile at a Time"

Youth EmpowermentCharity
Nonprofit 501(3)(c)
Parent & Teacher Involvement

---Ace Inspirations

Me. Myself. and I


It is important to learn the core values of self love and worth. We can't positively love others if we don't completely love ourselves.